Smithtown Denture Emergency on the 4th of July

It was Fourth of July weekend and I was spending one of the very, very hot days trying to stay cool on Fire Island.  As always when I am out of the office, my answering service answered all calls and sent me text messages so I could reply immediately to any emergencies.   A text arrived in the early afternoon – it was from a woman from Pennsylvania who was here in Smithtown for her son’s wedding.  The wedding was the next day and her denture had just fractured in two halves.  What a calamity!

I quickly called Port Jefferson Dental Laboratory and told them that I was sending over a patient. I called the woman back to give her directions to the lab but warned her that they might not be able to repair the denture – depending upon the type of fracture.  But fortunately the denture pieces fit together, and the laboratory was able to make the repair.  The woman was so grateful. I was glad I was able to help – if only from the beach.

Being able to help people is what I love about dentistry.  Walking on the beach is what I love about living on Long Island. Happy 4th!

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  • Dental emergencies are just like any other medical emergency–they need to be addressed right away (especially when there is a wedding on the line). I have good working relationships with other dentists in my area so that if one of my patients has an emergency and I can’t take care of it they have somewhere to go.

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