A New Smile: Crowns and Veneers

When Andrew was a child he fractured both of his upper front teeth. He had crowns placed on both teeth in the early 1980’s. As you can see below, the crowns are squat and too bright for the surrounding teeth and the gums are uneven. The crowns look very artificial and he was unhappy with the looks.   Not only were the teeth ugly – but they were causing enormous wear of the lower front teeth because the crowns were in the way and he was grinding and clenching his teeth.  Andrew needed a makeover!  We removed the old crowns, placed new all-ceramic crowns on the upper front teeth and placed porcelain veneers on the lower front teeth. Andrew is thrilled – he looks wonderful!



Before: ugly crowns, worn down lower teeth


After: new crowns and veneers – very natural looking

This is what Andrew wrote to us after the work was completed:

Thanks to Dr. Terry and her great staff!!  Special thanks to Peter Kouvaris, Master Ceramist for his excellent work on my crowns. Dr. Terry is an absolute professional and she uses only the best Lab. They literally saved my mouth and my smile! Her approach to my problem was the absolute right one. Other dentists could not even handle my problem, but Dr. Terry took the time, she did not rush, she called me after visits to discuss the right plan of action and to see how I was feeling because she really cares.  Dr. Terry and Peter Kouvaris Lab…. THANK YOU!!

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