All-on-Four: Teeth in a Day

Always looking to keep up with new developments in dentistry, I took two continuing education courses this week.

Wednesday night was a lecture on how periodontal therapy can enhance orthodontic results.  That gummy smile in which too much gum tissue is exposed when the patient smiles can be eliminated with periodontal treatment.  An impacted tooth can be coaxed into position with proper periodontal access.

On Friday I took an all-day course on “All on Four,” in which implants are placed and teeth affixed the same day, thus eliminating a removable denture when all of a patient’s teeth need to be extracted.  This is an amazing service for people who qualify for this treatment.

Recently a woman came into my office with an upper bridge that was failing.  Her teeth could not be salvaged.  But she did not want her husband to know that she was going to lose her teeth.  So we scheduled her for teeth-in-a-day: her teeth were removed, implants placed and a provisional fixed bridge placed.  She looks great and her husband never found out that instead of her own, failing teeth, she now has implants!

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