Am I Missing a Tooth?
Am I Missing a Tooth?
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Check out the ads for the new comedy film “The Hangover.” What do you notice?  Right in the center of the ad is a guy who is missing a tooth (the right later incisor, to be exact).   If that photo doesn’t convince everyone to take care of their teeth, then I don’t know what will!  So I checked out the trailer.

The film is about some friends who get together for a raucous bachelor party.  The next morning they all have headaches but remember nothing of the night before. “ I lost a tooth,” says our hero, as he looks at himself in the mirror.  You’d think it would have hurt!  Well if you need a tooth extracted, it’s better to come to our Long Island dental office for the procedure, and don’t be afraid – I promise it won’t hurt and we won’t let you go home without a replacement tooth!


Cover of "The Hangover (Unrated Edition) ...

The Hangover


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