Avoid Mulling and Swishing

There are lots of ways that tooth enamel can become worn.  Abrasion and erosion are two ways.  But I just learned two new terms: “fruit mulling” and “soda Swishing.”

Fruit mulling refers to excessive chewing of fruit.  That is, keeping the fruit in your mouth for minutes at a time.  The acid in the fruit eats away at the dental enamel.  Soda swishing refers to excessive swishing of soda – keeping soda in the mouth for minutes at a time.  One victim of soda swishing was apparently trying to cut down on his habit of drinking 9 bottles of Coke a day, so he hoped that by swishing, he would reduce his consumption of the drink.  It may have reduced his consumption, but he was keeping his teeth bathed in the sweet liquid and it destroyed his enamel.

Hasn’t everyone done the experiment of placing a baby tooth in a glass of coke to watch it dissolve?   I guess he didn’t learn this lesson.  So avoid swishing and mulling.

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