Family Dentist: Bread, Teeth and Gums
Family Dentist: Bread, Teeth and Gums
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Patients who come to my Long Island Family Dental Practice are often greeted with the wonderful smell of freshly baked bread. That’s because I love to bake – and eat – freshly baked bread. Usually I bake with whole grains – best for the teeth and gums – but have been known to make special treats like my Orange-Hazelnut Chocolate Bread. This recipe comes from the cookbook, Kneadlessy Simple, by Nancy Baggett. I have been busy making delicious no-knead yeast breads from this fabulous new cookbook. You’ll find some of Nancy’s bread recipes on her website or treat yourself to the book!

So stop by our family dental office for that great bread aroma and a slice of delicious whole grain bread!



Bread (Photo credit: ulterior epicure)



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