Broken Teeth in Setauket Restored with Veneers

Steve really dragged his feet when it came to taking care of his teeth. He refused to notice how his front teeth were broken and discolored. He let me bond the teeth with composite but the extent of the fracture, not to mention the space between his two front teeth, really required porcelain veneers to correct his smile. Porcelain veneers are long lasting, strong, hold their color and look natural.

Finally Steve gave me the go-ahead. He came in last week so I could prepare the teeth, take impressions and make temporary veneers. Today we bonded in the new veneers. Peter Kouvaris, the Master Ceramist who fabricates my veneers, did an exceptional job of matching the multiple shades, translucencies and textures of the veneers so they match Steve’s natural teeth. We are able to get great results because I take multiple intra-oral photos that I email to the laboratory. Often the patient will go in person to the laboratory to aid in the shade selection. With close attention to the photos and from communication between Peter and myself we get fabulous results. And, what do you think? – Steve loves his new smile!

Ivoclar is the company that manufactures e-Max, the porcelain that we used for this case.  We sent Ivoclar my before and after photos of Steve – with and without the veneers.  The company representatives were ecstatic about the natural results. More typically, patients want bright white veneers.  But this patient wanted minimal intervention – just the two front teeth restored – and he wanted us to match these two teeth to his other discolored and worn teeth.  This was a challenge.  It really shows the capability of this porcelain and the skill of the ceramist.  The porcelain is very strong and has esthetic capabilities that outshine its competitors.  Ivoclar is so excited about Steve’s smile that they asked Peter Kouvaris and myself if we would consent to a promotional campaign highlighting the case. The campaign will be geared to dentists and to dental laboratories.  Of course we said yes. This is great exposure for me – I love for people to see my work.






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