Composite Fillings or Porcelain Crowns?

Composite fillings have an important place in modern dentistry, but they need to be placed carefully and closely monitored.  The photo on the top shows composite fillings that have outlived their usefulness. See the dark spots around the fillings in the molars on the left side?  This is decay and if it is ignored, the tooth may require root canal, may fracture and finally may need to be extracted.  This decay needs to be addressed sooner – not later. Watchful neglect does the patient a disservice.

This patient understood the importance of protecting her teeth.  We removed the old filling material and associated decay and we placed porcelain crowns (bottom photo). These crowns will protect the teeth and are very durable.  For the second molars we elected to place gold crowns because gold will withstand the tremendous biting force of the second molars.  The gold is so far in the back of the mouth that it will not show.  Adrienne wanted the very best – and gold fit the bill for the second molars and porcelain for the first molars.



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