Dental Emergency

Yes we do take dental emergencies!  I always try to make myself available.  If I am not in the office and the phone rings, I will immediately get a text message from my answering service.  One time I was on my way into New York City on the Northern State Parkway but turned right around so I could take care of a patient of record.  Most recently I drove off of the Ferry line just before loading so I could see another patient.  Some of our most loyal patients first came to us as emergency patients.

Last Saturday a woman called – very upset because her front tooth had fallen out of her partial denture.  I told her to come right over.  I did a quick tooth repair to get her through the weekend and scheduled her for Monday morning when I could take an impression for a more durable solution.  This week a woman called – also upset – because her bridge (fabricated by another dentist) had fallen out.  Again I told her to come right over and I made her a provisional crown until we could discuss more permanent solutions.

I find that it is very gratifying to help out people who are in distress.  To be able to help people achieve dental health and a beautiful smile is one of the reasons why I chose dentistry as a career.

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