Dental Veneers

Dental veneers can transform a smile.   They are less invasive and more life-like than a crown.  But I see too many things that are disturbing.  Patients listen to aggressive marketing that touts the simplicity of the “no-prep” veneer.  They come into the office asking for veneers, when the veneer may not be the appropriate treatment for them.  I will not do a procedure if I think it is not in the patient’s best interest.  Usually patients appreciate my honesty.

One young woman came to me with a slight rotation of a premolar tooth and wanted it corrected with veneers.  I took some closeup photos and showed her on the large screen how lovely her teeth were.  I’ll take a slight rotation any day over covering up beautiful teeth.   Another woman did have severe crowding and wanted veneers – but I explained that orthodontic treatment was the preferable treatment.  Still another patient asked for veneers, but I explained that a simple bonding procedure would give her the results she wanted and was less invasive and less expensive.

Last week a woman came in and was in great distress.  She had had veneers done at another dental office and the results were horrifying.  The veneers kept falling off, they did not fit at all, the shape was wrong, the color was wrong and she was developing decay at the margins.  I am now replacing these badly done veneers.  Fortunately I will be able to salvage a bad situation.  Believe me, she is sorry she ever looked for a “bargain.”  Experience and judgment are crucial ingredients to good dentistry.  Knowledge and skill are also important.  Don’t price shop; you have to have confidence in your practitioner.  Read more about veneers and see my before and after photos of veneers placed in my East Setauket dental office.

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