Dentistry: A Career Choice

A recent poll taken of physicians revealed that many physicians are not happy with medicine as a career choice. If they had the opportunity, they would pursue another occupation. This got me thinking about dentistry. I love what I do – I have great satisfaction in helping people with their dental needs, giving them healthy, good-looking smiles. It is gratifying that patients appreciate the care and skill that goes into my work. I look forward to going to my Long Island dental office to see my patients and find out how they are doing. Dentistry is challenging and I enjoy the life-long learning required of the excellent practitioner.

I’m not sure that my dental colleagues always agree with me. I hear a lot of grousing about regulations, increased costs and the stress of practicing dentistry. All of this is true, but I firmly believe that the benefits – the good that we do – outweigh the stress. Dentistry is a wonderful profession and I don’t regret choosing it for my career. I wouldn’t want to do anything else.

This is also a wonderful time to be a dentist. There have been so many advances in treatment options and we can do so much more for our patients. We have implants and veneers and invisible braces and new composite bonding materials that give our patients better options than before. We can make people look better and feel better about themselves – what can be better than that!

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