Denture Cream and Imbalance
Denture Cream and Imbalance
By: Terry Shapiro, Categories: Dentistry in the Media,Dentures,Your Dental Health, Comments Off on Denture Cream and Imbalance

A patient came to our Long Island dental office today to report that Good Morning America had a segment on a possible link between denture cream and imbalance. The source was a June 4, 2008 article in the journal Neurology which concluded that chronic, excess zinc intake can result in copper deficiency and profound neurologic disease. The authors identified four patients with various neurologic abnormalities. Each of these patients wore dentures and used more than two tubes of denture cream a week.

This is excessive!! If you must use denture cream, use just three to four dime-size dots in key places on the denture. You are using too much denture cream if the cream oozes out of the side of the denture when you put it in place.

But the real question here is why are these patients using denture cream? A denture that needs cream is a failing denture. My denture patients never use adhesives. I make the best dentures, and you don’t have to add glue!

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