Denture Repairs and Relines

A retired couple came into my East Setauket dental office today for a consult.  They are on a limited income and were worried that I would tell them that they needed new dentures.  His dentures were loose – he kept denture adhesive in his back pocket for frequent application.  Her dentures had fractured, and she kept the dentures in her mouth with difficulty. One of the teeth had fallen out and a clasp on her partial denture had broken off.  New dentures would have been nice but given the couple’s health and financial circumstances, I suggested a denture repair and denture reline at minimal cost.  Were they ever relieved!

For denture repairs and relines, we take impressions and send the dentures to Lords Dental Laboratory, an excellent dental laboratory that specializes in dentures and partial dentures. Using our excellent tooth impressions, they reline the dentures and make necessary repairs.  The fit is vastly improved. You should not have to use adhesive if your denture is properly fitted.

I find that denture patients too often do not return for regular checkups.  But regular oral checkups are as important for people without teeth as for people with teeth. Your oral tissues change over time and we need to check that the dentures fit properly.  We also check for oral cancer, fungal and other oral pathologies.

Are your dentures loose? Broken? Missing teeth?  Are you afraid that you will need a new denture? Give us a call at 751-4433 and I’ll see what I can do for you with a denture repair and reline.

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