Dentures and Denture Adhesives

Last March I wrote a blog article called “Denture Creams and Imbalance” about zinc-containing denture adhesives and possible neurological side effects if use of these adhesives is excessive. Well, today I received a notice from GlaxoSmithKline alerting dental professionals to “the potential health risk from long-term excessive use of GSK’s zinc-containing denture adhesives Super Poligrip ‘Original’, Super Poligrip ‘Ultra Fresh’, and Super Poligrip ‘Extra Care’”. GSK has “voluntarily stopped the manufacture, distribution and advertising of these products.”

Excessive levels of zinc from over-use of these products may lead to sensory disturbance, weakness and difficulty walking. There are zinc free alternative adhesives such as Super Poligrip ‘Free’, Super Poligrip ‘Comfort Seal Strips’, and Super Poligrip ‘Powder’. How amusing that every one of GSK’s products is labeled “Super”!

In general, patients use denture adhesives to support ill-fitting dentures. But they are not doing themselves a favor. Ill-fitting dentures cause bone loss and mucosal inflammation. You may need a denture reline, rebase or new dentures. Your bone resorbs over time and dentures do not last forever. Denture wearers are advised to come to our East Setauket dental office for regular examination visits.

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