Old Dentures Replaced with New

Rita has been wearing dentures for over 30 years.  She is 74 years old, fit, healthy and very active. She wanted her dentures to be comfortable, look natural, and she wanted to be able to eat out with her friends.  I’m impressed that she managed to keep her existing dentures in her mouth – even with a tube of denture adhesive, they flopped all over.

When dentures don’t fit properly, the lower jaw moves forward and the face collapses so the chin and nose begin to approach each other.  If you look at Rita’s original lower denture teeth (below), you can see how the jaw has moved forward. The lower teeth overlap the top teeth, instead of the top teeth overlapping the lower teeth. This is not attractive and it is not comfortable for the jaw.  Over time, as the upper and lower teeth rub against each other, the teeth begin to wear. As they wear, the teeth shorten and not enough tooth shows.  The face collapses. This is an aged dentition.


Old Dentures

We made a new set of dentures for Rita.  See (below) how much tooth shows now.  See how the upper teeth overlap the bottom teeth. See how the teeth are not worn down. All of this increases her facial height so her chin and nose are at nearly normal distance from each other, her face is filled out, and she has fewer wrinkles around the mouth.  She also has whiter teeth as a bonus!


New Dentures

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