FDA Warning on Denture Cleansers

Last week the warning was about denture adhesives; this week the warning is about denture cleansers! The Food and Drug Administration has alerted dental professionals to two safety problems that have occurred in patients who use denture cleansers.

One problem is the risk of allergic reactions to the cleansers. Symptoms may include gum tenderness, rash, difficulty breathing and low blood pressure. Another problem is possible misuse of the products. “Mouthwash” is mentioned as an ingredient in denture cleansers – perhaps confusing patients who may think they can rinse their mouths, gargle or swallow the cleanser. This can cause bleaching of the tissues, damage to the gums, vomiting, seizures and hypotension.

The FDA has requested that manufacturers of denture cleansers place a warning on their labeling about allergic reactions and is asking that the manufacturers investigate alternative ingredients.

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