Toothache on the Long Island Sound

It was my day off and I was checking out some daylilies when the text message came. It was the Director of the Chamber of Commerce asking if I could help out a girl with a toothache out on a boat in the Sound. This was a first. So I called the girl back and she said that she was from Vermont and sailing down the east coast about three hours outside of Port Jefferson Harbor. The wind was down and they were waiting for it to pick up. (Already I was feeling seasick.) Her lower left molar had been throbbing for three days and she was clocking the Ibuprofen. Her symptoms sounded like a pulpitis and probably a root canal was in order.

I felt that the prudent course of action was to refer her to an endodontist who could diagnose and treat the offending tooth quickly and easily. I gave her the name, and at length she docked, took a taxi to his Long Island dental office, had the work completed, returned to the boat and set sail to continue her boss s daughter dvdrip

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