Go for the second opinion
Go for the second opinion
By: Terry Shapiro, Categories: Cosmetic Dentistry,Family Dentistry,Your Dental Health, Comments Off on Go for the second opinion

Go for the second opinion. Don’t be embarrassed. People often call our Long Island dental office to ask for a second opinion. I am happy to talk to them, find out what their needs are and make suggestions. It’s your dental health and your pocketbook so you need to get as much information as you can, and you need to find a dental practitioner you can trust. Too many times people come to the office and have been told things that I think would not be in their best interest.

For example, a young woman came into my dental office last week and said that her front tooth had chipped and she was told she needed a crown. She was upset at the thought of putting a crown on her front tooth. I looked at the chip and told her that it should be repaired with a simple and undetectable tooth-colored composite bonding procedure. We took care of the chip and she was thrilled!

Another woman came into the office this week with a temporary bridge that had fallen out. She was told that one of the abutment teeth would have to be extracted and two implants placed. She was upset at losing another tooth. I took a look and recommended some gum work to save the tooth and placement of a permanent bridge. She was thrilled!

In both of these cases my recommendation was an alternative to what the patient didn’t want – the crown in the first case and extraction and implants in the second case. And my recommendation was considerably less expensive and a better service than what had been suggested at another dental office. So go for that second opinion. I’ll be happy to speak to you and recommend the treatment that’s right for you.madagascar free

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