I Hate My Dentures

Yesterday a patient came into my dental office in Suffolk County to tell us how happy she is with the new dentures that I had just completed for her. She was glowing, said that she felt like a movie star and how happy she was to be able to smile again. She was so happy to be able to chew and was surprised at how comfortable the dentures felt. She said that she was very grateful that she had come to my office for her treatment.

She confided in us that she had searched You Tube under “I Hate My Dentures” and found horror videos featuring denture failures. She was glad that she wasn’t experiencing any of the horrors. I have to confide that I also checked out these videos after she told me about them. In contrast, I carefully design each denture and let the patient wear a “trial denture” before going to finalization. That way, patients are always satisfied and I have the gratification of knowing that I delivered the best dentures that fit and function well and look great! No one hates my dentures – I make sure of that.free city of ghosts movie download download sublime movie free b t k bug dvdrip download

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