“I have bad teeth”

He came into the office yesterday.  “I have bad teeth,” he said.  How may times have I heard that said?  But it’s not “bad teeth” – it’s bad dental care or lack of dental care.  If you don’t schedule regular visits to the dentist, what do you think happens?  Small cavities become larger cavities, teeth become abscessed, teeth break, teeth fall out.  If you don’t practice good oral hygiene, what do you think happens?  Bacteria sit on the teeth and gums, acids form, plaque and calculus adheres, pockets of infection form, the bone recedes, the teeth loosen and fall out.  We see this every day.  If you seek bargain dentistry, what do you think happens?  Fillings aren’t done carefully and the tooth develops marginal decay, crowns don’t fit properly and fall out, root canals become re-infected.  We see this every day.  So seek the best dental care and visit the dentist regularly before problems develop; don’t look for a bargain.  Your teeth are worth the investment and you won’t be saying, “I have bad teeth.”

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