Introducing Icon for Dental White Spots

Icon is a new treatment which removes dental white spots and incipient decay.  These white spots on the teeth are an early sign of demineralization and they may lead to decay.  White spots on the surface of the teeth may be linked to orthodontic bands and brackets, heavy plaque, a high sugar or acidic diet, trauma or heredity.

For the past century dentists have removed decay by cutting away the decayed areas of a tooth.   But today’s new technologies allow us to remove less tooth structure, emphasizing what we call “minimally invasive dentistry.”  Icon is a product that treats small lesions micro-invasively so the dentist does not have to cut the tooth.  Icon is appropriate to treat smooth surface lesions limited to the enamel.

I have successfully used the Icon treatment to remove white spots often visible after orthodontic treatment.  The Icon treatment takes just one visit; it is painless, it doesn’t involve cutting the tooth, and no anesthesia is needed.  Call our East Setauket dental office and I’ll let you know if Icon is appropriate for your needs.

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