Kudos for the Farmingdale Marotta Dental Laboratory

On April 2 Newsday published a lovely feature article about Marotta Dental Laboratory in Farmingdale.  The article focused on the quality of the crowns, bridges, implants and dentures fabricated at Marotta Lab.  The owner, Steve Pigliacelli, explained that his fees are higher than the industry average because his work is of a higher quality.  Instead of lowering the quality and prices to compete with less expensive products produced overseas, he has kept up his standards and relies on dentists to recognize the quality of his work.

I have been a client of Marotta Laboratory for many years and I recognize their attention to detail and pride in their workmanship.   I was surprised to read that in 2010 38% of the dental restorations in the US were made by foreign laboratories, up from 17% in 2006.  Most of the foreign work is done in China.  Some domestic laboratories send their work overseas and some dentists deal directly with overseas dental labs.  I have never considered using an inexpensive overseas laboratory.  I am glad that quality laboratories like Marotta are still in business and that there are still dentists out there who want to provide quality dentistry for their patients.

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