Laurie’s New Implant Tooth
In August I posted a blog entry called Laurie from Coram: New Implant Crown.  I told how she had an impacted canine which had to be extracted, orthodontic treatment undertaken and an implant placed.  She wore a temporary crown while the implant integrated to the bone.  On Friday we completed the treatment. Laurie went with me to the Dental Laboratory where the ceramist applied and adjusted the shade of the porcelain so that it matched her other teeth.  Not a small thing to match one tooth to its neighboring teeth.  Once we were satisfied with the shade of the implant tooth, we returned to my dental office where I cemented the crown. Laurie looks fabulous.  She said that the wait was certainly worth it! Can you guess which is the implant tooth? (Answer at the bottom of this post.)
It’s the second from the right!

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