Mad Men

Am I the last person in America to finally be watching Mad Men? I just took out the DVD of the first season from the library and I am going through each of the episodes.  I am eagerly waiting for the first toothpaste or mouthwash ad pitch. So far no luck.  I welcome input from my loyal blog readers.  I am fascinated by the amount of smoking and drinking.  I wonder about the actors.  Are they smoking real cigarettes?  Have any of them developed an addiction to nicotine?  Should we track the incidence of oral cancer, of lung cancer among the actors?

Mad Men update: No tooth related ads but a season 5 episode features the hero, Don Draper with a toothache.  Too busy to go to the dentist, he tries ice and aspirin to no avail.  Finally running out of self-help options, he visits the dentist – but he has waited too long and the tooth has to be extracted.  The moral: if Don had kept regular dental visits he might have saved the tooth.  I was fascinated by the 1960’s dental office and treatment approach.  We have certainly come a long way.

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