Magical Immediate Dentures for Denise

Denise’s teeth were severely decayed, and we determined that they could not be saved.  We elected to remove her remaining teeth and replace them with an immediate denture.  This is a two visit procedure.  We take custom impressions. The immediate dentures are then fabricated by our fabulous denture laboratory. The teeth can then be extracted, and the immediate denture is inserted the same day – thus “immediate.”  The patient is NEVER without teeth. This takes careful planning!

The healing process then takes several months because the bone and soft tissues remodel where the teeth were extracted.  As the healing progresses, we reline the immediate denture so it fits the altered tissue.  We will see you for a reline as often as needed – sometimes once or twice, sometimes more.  Once the tissues are relatively stable, we will take custom impressions of the altered tissue and fabricate a new denture that will look great, function superbly and be very comfortable.  How good is that?



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