Maryland Bridge to the Rescue

I was at a barbeque last weekend (the first of the summer) and was intrigued by a young man – a nice looking fellow who never smiled, not even once. Of course I wanted to check out his smile but he never gave me a chance. Then after he had a few beers he got up the courage to take me aside so he could confide that he was missing his upper left bicuspid. He was so embarrassed by this hole in his mouth that he refused to smile. He knew that he needed an implant but he said that he couldn’t afford one. He also said that he didn’t want to cut down the two teeth on either side to make a bridge and that would be too expensive in any event. He didn’t know what to do. And on top of this, he was getting married. I suggested that he come to my Suffolk County dental office so we could determine if a Maryland Bridge would be an appropriate treatment for him.


A Maryland Bridge is a bonded bridge that consists of a replacement tooth with two metal connectors that bond to the teeth on either side. The teeth don’t have to be cut down and the cost is minimal. The procedure is totally reversible so if his financial situation changes in the future, the bridge can be removed without damage to his teeth and an implant placed. You have to be careful with a Maryland Bridge; it isn’t as strong as the more expensive options and it may not last as long. But with careful diagnosis and placement on the part of the dentist and proper home care on the part of the patient, the Maryland Bridge can be a great choice!


I did make a Maryland Bridge for Alex and – all smiles – he sent me a wedding photo.

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