Mouth Healthy

The American Dental Association (ADA) has a new consumer website,, which will launch in June.  The theme is “Mouth Healthy for Life.”  The site will provide up-to-date oral health information on prevention, dental care and dental treatment.  Topics include nutritional information, smoking cessation ideas, and issues for children and the elderly.  I like the new slogan “Mouth Healthy,” which validates the importance of oral health as being more than just a white smile.

“Health” is the most searched topic on the web, and the ADA’s new website should be the leading source for oral health information.  Dr. W. Carter Brown, chair of the ADA Council on Communications stated, “We believe that informed patients are more likely to make better health choices and understand the benefits of having an ADA dentist as part of their oral health for a lifetime.”

I have been a member of the ADA since graduating from dental school – it is our professional organization.

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