National Pet Dental Health Month

February brings National Pet Dental Health Month, sponsored by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and other veterinary groups.  The goal is to alert the public to the significance of oral health care for pets.  Check out the AVMA website for more information on how to improve the dental health of your pets.  So don’t just turn away from Rusty’s bad breath.  The odor may signify that your pet is suffering from gum disease, which can be as devastating in a pet as in a human.  Dental health care should be a daily ritual all year for the pet as it is for his owner.  Most people brush their teeth every day, but how many pet owners do the same for their pets?

Veterinarians report that periodontal disease is the most commonly diagnosed problem in dogs and cats. This can lead to painful infections of the mouth, which can spread and become life-threatening.  By the age of two, 80% of dogs and 70% of cats have some type of periodontal disease.  The best prevention is regular brushing and regular visits to the vet.

The AVMA offers an informative video giving detailed instructions on how to brush your pet’s teeth. There is even an entire website devoted to pet dental health:

February is also children’s dental health month:  is there a connection here?



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