Not Your Grandmother’s Dentures

What is the greatest concern of the prospective denture wearer?  “I don’t want to have to take my teeth out at night.”  People still have childhood memories of grandma’s teeth floating in a glass by the bedside.  But rest assured – you don’t have to remove your dentures at night.  Well-made dentures today are quite unlike those bulky, loose dentures that your grandmother wore.  The processing is more high-tech.  Custom dentures fit much, much better and look very natural.

Dentures can remain in the mouth overnight.  Just take them out to clean and a short soak in a denture cleanser.  We have many patients whose spouses don’t know that they have lost their teeth and that they wear dentures.  Sure, implants are great and they don’t come out at all – but they are not for everyone.  We still see lots of dentures – their death is greatly exaggerated.

Check out our dentures.  Check out our implants.


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