Pregnancy and Your Dental Health

I received this email from a patient whose daughter moved out of state: “Katie’s dentist recommended Sensodyne toothpaste not because of her teeth being sensitive to cold or various tastes, but because she’s pregnant and he told her it adds to the protective layer on her teeth. Is that true?  More so than any fluoride toothpaste? And which ingredient would be the active one?”

I answered that I had never heard this about Sensodyne.  Check out their website:  They only claim protection against sensitivity.  Any other use is off-label and I can’t find any reference to Sensodyne adding to the protective layer on the teeth.  The claim is certainly not “evidence based” which is the current buzz word.  And why ingest more chemicals than necessary?  I always recommend natural toothpastes.  Katie should watch out for gingivitis – common during pregnancy.  Healthy Gums from the Natural Dentist is a good product to heal the gums and is available in health food stores and on the web.

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