Beautiful, Comfortable Dentures
  • dentures before and after

Liz was unhappy about the large spaces between her front teeth. She also showed a lot of gum and she was missing quite a few back teeth.

Liz smoked cigarettes, a strong link to periodontal disease, which leads to lost teeth.  

We had to extract the remaining upper teeth and most of the lower back teeth because of decay and gum disease.  We made her immediate dentures to wear the day of the extractions so she was never without teeth. We relined these dentures as needed while her tissues healed.  

Once the bone was relatively stable, we made her permanent dentures. Fortunately for Liz, we were able to save the lower front teeth. This allowed us to make her a lower removable partial denture, using the front teeth to anchor the partial denture. She had good bone on the upper and we made her a beautiful full upper denture.  

Liz will come back to our dental office at regular intervals so we can keep those lower front teeth clean – we don’t want her to lose them.  We will also check the fit of the denture and partial denture and make adjustments as needed.  We gave Liz a new smile – and she is one happy camper!