Her Smile Makeover
  • Take your smile to the next level.

Kathy is a beautiful woman but her smile needed a makeover. Her two front teeth were too long and uneven, her lateral teeth had old veneers that were too wide and had broken, her primary canines never fell out when she was a child. The canines were decayed and loose and her permanent canines were congenitally missing. She had too much gum tissue showing and it was uneven.


It took careful planning and coordination to give Kathy a healthy and beautiful smile. The baby canines were extracted and implants placed. Her gum tissue was re-contoured. The old veneers were removed. New implant crowns were placed and new veneers. We chose a tooth shade to blend with her natural teeth and added life-like translucencies.


Now all six front teeth are healthy and beautifully situated. Kathy has since married and had a baby. Maybe her bright, new smile had something to do with her good fortune!