Pull them all – don’t do it!!
Pull them all – don’t do it!!
By: Terry Shapiro, Categories: Dentures,Your Dental Health, Comments Off on Pull them all – don’t do it!!

David came into my East Setauket, Long Island dental office today and insisted that we take out all of his few remaining teeth. “Pull them all out – I don’t want any more tooth problems!” he said. But don’t do it!!! You will regret it. We always try to save any teeth that we can. Even if the tooth has a limited life expectancy, it is better to keep it as long as you can then to have it extracted. If you think you have problems with your teeth, just wait until you have denture problems.

Even the best dentures – or implant dentures – are not like having your own teeth. Even in the worst of situations we can often salvage the lower front teeth or at least the lower canines so we can use the teeth for a partial denture clasp. This is so much better than a full lower denture. You can be sure that I always discuss all of the pros and cons of “pulling them all” for my Long Island patients before I consider extractions.

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