Regis Philbin’s Snaggletooth

Recently, as many know, Regis Philbin retired from hosting Live with Regis and Kelly.   A New York Times article on November 18 noted: “In a daytime landscape filled with bland, polished hosts and smarmy good cheer, Mr. Philbin was crumpled, nasal and histrionic. He was a snaggletooth amid cosmetic dentistry and porcelain veneers.”

Is the author endorsing a snaggletooth (a broken or crooked tooth)?  Does this mean the death-knell for cosmetic dentistry?  For porcelain veneers?  Are there too many shiny, white, perfect smiles on daytime T.V.?  I was mulling this over when I saw an ad for Tony Bennet’s New York stage appearance.  His publicity photo also sported broken and worn teeth.  Is there some connection here?  Are we returning to the days of unattractive teeth, to the time before we had the wonderful materials that we have today that allow dentists to create beautiful – and, I might add, healthy, smiles?  I hope not.

And wouldn’t you know it, my husband just chipped his central incisor.  But no snaggletooth for him.  He has an appointment with me tomorrow for some beautiful and natural porcelain veneers that will be long lasting and protect his teeth from further wear.

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