Your Teeth, Bucky Beaver and Ipana Toothpaste?
Your Teeth, Bucky Beaver and Ipana Toothpaste?
By: Terry Shapiro, Categories: Dental Wellness,Periodontal Health,Your Dental Health, Comments Off on Your Teeth, Bucky Beaver and Ipana Toothpaste?

Are you old enough to remember the Ipana toothpaste ads from the 1950’s?
Well, those ads highlighted Bucky Beaver advocating that “You should brush three times a day and visit your dentist two times a year!”   Thus it was a Madison Avenue advertising executive who created the 6-month checkup!  There was no scientific basis at all for this 6 month interval.

While it’s not a bad idea to have twice yearly visits to the dentist, more frequent visits may be indicated for patients with gum disease.  Laboratory research shows that the bacteria associated with periodontal disease become more active after 90 days. If these bacteria are periodically disturbed and debrided, the tissue will show a healthy response.  At 3-months, less destruction will have taken place and the tissue will be healthier than if the patient waits six months.

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