New York State in the Dental News
New York State in the Dental News
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“A child can’t learn when he or she has a toothache,”
says Amy Paulin, a Democratic state Assemblywoman from Westchester County. Thus she was instrumental in passage of a new state law that requires school districts across New York State to ask parents to take their children for a dental examination before they begin school.

The new law is effective for the 2008-09 school year and families will be asked to voluntarily present a dental health certificate when a child enters pre-kindergarten, kindergarten or first grade in public school. The certificate must contain a report of a comprehensive dental examination performed on the child.

The law will only require schools to request parents take their children for a dental check-up twice in elementary school and twice in the secondary grades. There is no requirement that families do so. There is also no requirement that school districts follow up with families who do not turn in dental health certificates.

A dental examination assesses untreated dental disease and addresses good oral health, all of which can affect a child’s performance in school. Hopefully the new law will raise awareness about dental health and encourage regular dental care. The new law with its voluntary compliance is the first step to better dental health for all of our children – so call my Long Island office today to schedule your child’s dental checkup!meltdown free download changing lanes free hostel divx downloaddivx blown away