So What’s With the White Spots?

You’ve all seen it – those bright white spots on otherwise healthy, straight front teeth. Well, the offending teeth just had bonded orthodontic brackets removed after two years of “wearing braces.” Sometimes the white spots are just an unavoidable byproduct of the bonding procedure. Or sometimes the spots can be a result of poor home care, of accumulated plaque that has decalcified the teeth. So what to do?

It is not easy to mask those white spots. We have bleached these teeth but not always successfully. Sometimes the white spots whiten still more and the situation doesn’t get better. We have prepared the area and bonded composite to the offending areas. This has met with success but the patient has to beware of coffee, red wine and smoking. Bonding will last for several years before it stains and has to be replaced. Another option is veneers – esthetically superior to bonding and long lasting without color change. Veneers are more expensive and are not reversible – which means that the tooth cannot not be restored to its original state and must always be covered.

A difficult choice and up to the patient and her parents to make with help from us at my Long Island dental office!evelyn free dirty dancing free download free cars download london to brighton

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