Super Storm Sandy Strikes Long Island

Super Storm Sandy struck Long Island last week and caused incredible destruction to homes, businesses and the shoreline.  Many homes were without power for days and some still do not have electricity or heat.  We were fortunate that our office’s electric outage lasted for just a day and cable came back on several days later.  I was able to keep the office open except for last Tuesday when we didn’t have electricity.  I saw several dental emergencies and filled in for dental colleagues who could not open their offices.

Other patients postponed their scheduled appointments because of a lack of gas (a major concern with long, long gas lines such as I have never seen) or because they had no heat or because they left the area to stay with family out-of-State.  We had up to five friends and family staying at my home while they had no power, and after eight days we still have two guests whose house is dark.

Linda and I have been calling patients to ask if they are well.  Neither Linda nor May have their electricity back.  One patient who lives in Lindenhurst has four feet of water in her basement and a ruined oil burner.  Another had a large oak limb fall through the roof into her bedroom.  “Stay safe,” we said to each other as the storm approached, and now “how have you been doing since the storm?”  We will do what we can to help people in need.  There is a very strong sense of community on Long Island: of neighbor helping neighbor.

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