“Talking Teeth” Comes to Long Island

“Talking Teeth” is the name of a bi-weekly radio program on 91.5 AM hosted by my good friend and colleague (and mentor) Dr. Dean Vafiadis. On this program Dr. Dean discusses issues of dental health. Tonight’s topic was implants; two weeks ago it was periodontal disease; the next topic will be “teeth in an hour.” Dr. Dean is an excellent speaker – always informative and entertaining. He calls the program “Talking Teeth” because he says that teeth talk to him. That may sound funny to the public, but I know what he means. Teeth do talk to me too! They tell me a lot about your habits and your life style. I can tell if a tooth is happy or unhappy or if it needs attention. So check out Dr. Dean’s radio program if you want to learn more about what the best dentistry can do for you.

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