The Cosmetic Dentist and the Dental Ceramist

Today’s knowledgeable dental patients often know that excellent cosmetic dentistry is a partnership between the dentist and the dental ceramist.  The ceramist who fabricates my porcelain tooth veneers and crowns is Peter Kouvaris.  Peter has been a ceramic artist for more than 20 years.  He was the Cosmetic Designer at the JK Dental Laboratory and recently opened his own dental studio in New York City: Peter Kouvaris Dental Studio.

Peter is a member of the prestigious Oral Design International, a group of dental ceramists who have studied under Master Willi Geller.  Willi Geller resides in Switzerland and is considered to be the world’s leading dental ceramist.  He was one of the first ceramists who realized that teeth reflect and refract light like prisms because of layers of tooth dentin and enamel.  He invented a buildup technique which involves layering different density of porcelain in different colors and degrees of translucence. His method is used by a highly trained and talented group of 80 ceramists and is used to create beautiful, life-like veneers, crowns and implant crowns.  Peter Kouvaris is one of Willi Geller’s proteges.

Not every dentist can or will work with an oral design ceramist.  The dentist needs to have advanced training and needs to work at a higher level and with increased attention to detail.  Excellent cosmetic dentistry is a collaboration between the cosmetic dentist and the dental ceramist.


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