The Economy and Your Teeth
The Economy and Your Teeth
By: Terry Shapiro, Categories: Dental Wellness,Dentistry in the Media,Family Dentistry,Your Dental Health, Comments Off on The Economy and Your Teeth

Time Magazine ran an article recently about the effect of the economy on dentistry. According to their study, the recession has resulted in an increase in the numbers of people seeking dental treatment. People are stressed about money and jobs; they grind their teeth and need to have the resulting fractures repaired. Another reason people seek dental treatment during a recession is that people indulge in unhealthy comfort foods to take their minds off of their economic woes. A comfort, yes – but cavities producing and thus the need for the dentist.

Another reason for the increase in dental visits is that people want to look their best when out job hunting so they may elect to have tooth whitening or cosmetic dentistry done. People may also be afraid of losing their dental insurance benefits so they make appointments to have any needed work done before their benefits run out. When times are bad, people may also skip their regular dental examinations and cleanings – and find out later that the delay cost them a root canal or crown. According to Time Magazine, “In tough times, one of the best investments you can make is in your teeth. These days, that’s very good news for dentists.” I might add that healthy teeth and gums are always a good investment for the patient.

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