The Fashionable Gap between the teeth?

I was at a business meeting this morning speaking to a man with a rather large gap between his two front teeth.We started talking about teeth, and he asked me if I knew that a gap between the teeth had become quite fashionable. I didn’t, so I went onto Google to check this out.

Sure enough a website on global fashion called Refinery29 features an article this month called “Gap Teeth: The Latest Must-Have Accessory?” The article includes photos of several models and actresses who flaunt their teeth gaps, including Lauren Hutton, Lara Stone, Georgia Jagger and Anna Paquin. As the author writes, these are “all beauts who know how to work a good gap.” Maybe so, but I can’t help but think their beauty would be enhanced by some excellent cosmetic dentistry.

Unfortunately and all too often, un-cosmetic dentistry, done by dentists without the proper training and experience, gives people an unnatural look. The author adds, “More and more (blessed be!), it seems those hideously super-sized, glow-in-the-dark veneers are being replaced by normal beautifully imperfect canines.” What she may not know is that well-crafted veneers are beautiful and natural looking and undetectable. Check out our veneers and see how naturally beautiful they look.

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