The Greater New York Dental Meeting

It’s a tradition! – The Greater New York Dental Meeting in Manhattan the week after Thanksgiving.  I have been attending this enormous dental convention since I was in dental school 25 years ago.  I used to take my own children when they were young and loved to collect the samples – toothbrushes, floss and other give-aways.   At that time the convention was held at the Hilton; now it is at the Javits Center and with the ever increasing proliferation of new dental products it looks like the convention is now even outgrowing this location.

Waking the length of the exhibit space gave me an opportunity to look at new products and to re-evaluate the products that I currently use.  I discovered that one product I use now comes in a pleasant wintermint flavor.  The temporary material that I favor is now new and improved!  Questions I had about my digital xray software were answered by a very knowledgeable computer tech.  The Rotadent electric toothbrush has been redesigned and is – you guessed it – new and improved.

Attending the convention is just one of the ways that I  stay engaged with the  dental profession.  I also had the chance to say hello and compare notes with quite a few colleagues who were  attending the event.  Sunday was a beautiful autumn day and a stimulating end to a lovely Thanksgiving weekend.

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