The Immediate Denture

Jim came to my dental office one day in September embarrassed to admit that he had just four remaining upper teeth.  The teeth were black with decay and loose from gum disease.  He knew he needed dentures (implants were not an option due to financial considerations), but he did not want his teeth extracted and to have to go home without teeth.  But have no fear – we do not let patients leave the office without teeth!  The solution is the immediate denture.

The immediate denture is a denture that a patient goes home with on the day of extractions so he/she is never without teeth.  The procedure is as follows:  Before we do any extractions, we take impressions and measurements for the immediate dentures.  The models are sent to our laboratory, Lord Dental Laboratory in De Pere, Wisconsin (a denture specialty lab and one of the best in the country).  The laboratory constructs the immediate dentures according to our specifications.  Once the dentures are fabricated and back in our office, we schedule an appointment for the extractions (either with myself or with an oral surgeon).  If necessary, we coordinate the appointment with the oral surgeon so we are ready to insert the denture as soon as the extractions are accomplished.

Before inserting the denture, we apply a soft tissue liner called PermaSoft to the inside of the denture.  This is a wonderful material that molds to the gums and helps in the healing process. Over the next few months, while the gums and bone heal, there will be some shrinkage of the tissues.  The denture may loosen over this time, but we reapply the soft tissue liner so the denture will fit better and be comfortable.  This may take several visits.  We are happy to see you as many times as necessary.

After several months, the bone is more stable, and at that time we make a new denture that looks great, feels great, and functions well! One of the most gratifying services that I provide for my dental patients is the immediate denture.  The results are so dramatic.  The patient comes in with a few straggly teeth and walks out with a full set of natural looking teeth. What could be better than that!


oldcloseOld Crowns

immediateReplaced with an immediate denture

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