The Maryland Bridge

Mitch was hit in the face with a baseball bat when he was a child.  His lower front tooth was traumatized.  Over the years the tooth was treated for a root canal, post and core, composite filling, and crown before it broke off at the gum line and was extracted.  His prior dentist saved the crown that had broken off and bonded it to the adjacent teeth.  This temporary fix lasted for a few years but it didn’t look great and finally this bonding was lost too.

When Mitch came to my office, I recommended a bonded, or Maryland bridge made of metal and porcelain to replace the missing tooth.  This porcelain tooth will not discolor and he can floss underneath to keep his gums healthy. He was missing too much bone for an implant so that was not a great option. We lightly prepared the back surface of the adjacent teeth, then we took an impression. On his next visit we cemented the bridge and took the photos below.

Look at the fabulous result! Mitch is thrilled to have his tooth back!



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