The Massad Denture

Last week I was in Philadelphia attending the annual meeting of the Academy of General Dentistry.  My purpose was to spend two days studying with Dr. Joseph Massad and learning more about implementing his denture technique.   Since graduating from dental school I have studied dentures with several of the leading dental practitioners.  Most recently I have been incorporating the Massad technique into my practice.  The technique utilizes modern vinyl polysiloxane impression materials and special trays to take a much more accurate impression than we ever could have before.  We also use measuring devices that weren’t available until recent years.  This means that dentures will fit better, function better and be more comfortable as well as looking better.

With the new techniques the denture procedure is quicker – fewer and shorter visits and fewer adjustments.   Patients have been immediately comfortable with their new dentures, asking for at most two adjustments.  At this course I also learned more about immediate dentures and implant overdentures.

One of the things I love best about dentistry is that the field keeps changing and I keep learning.

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