The Traditional Diet and Your Health

Dr. Weston Price was a dentist in Cleveland, Ohio who started to observe changes in his patients’ dentition, including narrower dental arches, crowded teeth and more tooth decay when he was practicing dentistry in the 1930’s.  He travelled to isolated parts of the world in a search for healthy people in order to determine what it was that made them healthy.  He discovered that the hunter-gatherer diet provided good health and immunity to dental disease.  With his wife, he travelled to remote areas of Peru, Africa, Australia, Alaska, Canada, Switzerland and Scotland.  Each of these areas had healthy and isolated people who followed traditional diets.  The population was not exposed to processed food or industrialized farming.  The people typically subsided on food available in their area, often fish or meat.  The Swiss ate unpasteurized dairy products.  Scots in the Outer Hebrides did not eat dairy but lived on seafood.  Eskimos ate animal products.  The New Zealand Maori ate seafood, pork and fruit.

Dr. Price had their food analyzed and it was found to contain ten times the amount of fat-soluble vitamins and for times the amount of water soluble vitamins than is found in Western foods.  Dr. Price concluded that nutrition is essential to good health and the answer is in the return to more traditional diets.  His book, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, was published in New York in 1939.  So join a CSA and support Long Island agriculture.  It’s good for your health.

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