Tooth Fairy Bribe

A patient told me that after his daughter got 4 cavities by the age of 4, he decided that he needed to start flossing her teeth.  Once he started the flossing routine she did not have any more cavities.  But she didn’t like the flossing, and her complaining made the sessions unpleasant.

As his daughter got older and was hearing from other kids about the tooth fairy who gives money for teeth that fall out, she got excited about the prospect of cashing in on her lost baby teeth.  This gave her father an idea.  He told her that the tooth fairy doesn’t like dirty teeth.  If the tooth fairy comes and you do not floss, she will only give a quarter.  But if his daughter were to floss every night the tooth fairy would give $2.00 per tooth.  This did the trick: she started flossing without complaint.  A harmless bribe and healthy too!

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