Toothache Remedies on the Internet

Just look up “toothache remedy” on the web and you will find that there are about 1,040,000 entries.  Everyone has a remedy – apparently people will try anything to avoid visiting the dentist.  One person recommends wrapping small pieces of bread around the painful tooth or packing the tooth with pieces of bread dipped in olive or sesame oil.  Another entry recommends biting down on a dill pickle, especially one with garlic or mustard oil which act as pain killers.  Ginger root is another remedy: remove the skin and bite down on the ginger with the offending tooth. Or soak cotton with vinegar and bite down – but the author warns readers to be careful as the acid in the vinegar will erode the enamel.  Cucumber, dried peppermint, oats, and – strangest of all – Oscar Meyer bologna are more remedies.

Warning: don’t self-medicate; the internet does not have a dental degree.   The only remedy if you want to save your teeth is to see the dentist.

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