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My son Aaron has just written a book called “Users Not Customers: Who really determines the success of your business.”  He is the CEO of Huge, Inc, a digital marketing agency that helps companies re-imagine how they interact with their customers online.  Of course I am a proud mother – but the book is a fascinating account of the online business model.

I understand that my website is my online persona and I update it regularly so it is informative and easy to navigate.  I launched my website,, in 2006 when there were few dental websites, but I recognized at the time that people would search the web for a dentist, even as they increasingly search there for everything else. (Surprisingly, Aaron was skeptical about the need for a dentist’s website.)  Nevertheless, people very often find me from my website.

Readers learn about my dental practice and my approach to dental treatment, they ask questions, get answers, look at our photos, read and listen to our testimonials, and become great patients.  I am amazed that even today most dentists do not have a website.  It is how we present ourselves to the public.  So enjoy clicking around and drop me an email with your suggestions or questions!

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